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I was at Terry’s this afternoon. Had horrible service on a call in order. The cook..young man who introduced himself as Ryan is outstanding at correcting the mistake. Took great care. The two young ladies working were absolutely useless and rude.

Yes Ryan is a great guy! He is always working hard to make everyone's experience great there. Glad he was able to do the same for you!

Does anyone know if they are closed due to the power outage?

Made a purchase the other week got bad hateful review on fb due too my inadvertance in making tipp change at the counter rest assure i will be back and reimburse the bussiness $ 11.00 eleven dollars that two 5 bills and one dollar with copy ofbills and serial numbers for verification. Thought for the day . Keep up the good work albeit with love in your 💕 not like those who would crucify Jesus if he walk right here amoung yoy once again. Ok see you on Jan 23rd with your Tipp cause Tipping is not a place in 🇨🇳.

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